Friday, February 18, 2011


Well hello there. I'm back and this time for my favorite meal of the day, breakfast, and as a bonus request from a viewer, I will show you two ways to spice up coffee.
But, before I go on, I must answer another question. Yes, these recipes are from my mind, except for the alcohol. If I were to experiment with alcohol, I would be hammered out of my mind with failed concoctions.

Anyways, first up is an omelet. Let's start with a nice man's omelet that i call The Western. Take 3 whole eggs and beat in a bowl with a fork with the bowl slightly tilted. Add some pepper and continue to mix. Then take out that steak you had leftover from last nights barbecue and cut it into 1/4 inch strips. Then warm up in the pan just to get the meat hot. Then put half a chopped onion into the pan and caramelize them. Then take those out. Now take your eggs and put it in the pan. Cook it until its...well cooked. Then quickly! Take your steak and onions and put it on top right after you flip your omelet. Then add a handful of shredded cheese and plate up and eat.

Now time for My favorite dish, I call The Warrior's Fried Rice.
Take 4 eggs, or if you're a real man make it 6. Then take 6 pieces of bacon and fry it and crush it up. Then take some ham steak and cube and cook it. Then, optionally, you can add some portuguese sausage and slice it and fry it up then set all your meats aside. Then mix your eggs up. Then cook your eggs, scrambled style. Then pour some vegetable oil in the pan and throw about 2 cups of COOKED rice in and pour 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce and pour shoyu (soy sauce) on it. And then throw everything in at once and turn heat from medium to medium high and keep mixing it with a big spoon. You now have perfect fried rice, but be careful to not burn your rice.

Now time for two of my favorite coffee recipes.

If you want a nice, smooth texture and taste, try swapping milk or cream for coconut milk. Or keep the milk and mix in some Hazelnut powder.

Now for those a little more adventurous, take your cup of coffee and mix in some ground cinnamon, some Hazelnut powder, and some Bailey's Irish Cream.

Now, thats my kind of breakfast.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Alright, I'm not sure if I might be taking too long to post blogs. But, anyways here are some wonderful drink choices that I find are my personal favorites.

Lava Flow  -  Alcoholic
Take roughly 1 oz of light rum and 1oz of coconut flavored rum, or 2oz of coconut cream for a creamier version and a more authentic taste. Mix together, then add to a blender, like the one shown to the left. Blend and pour into glass. Wash your blender with some water before continuing on from here. Then put in 2oz of strawberries, frozen or fresh, preferably fresh. Then throw in a banana and 2oz of pineapple juice and some ice and blend. Then pour over your coconut mixture to create that lava effect.

Now for some smoothie action. A classic Banana Mango Smoothie.
Take about 5 ripe bananas and throw it in the blender. Then 2 ripe peeled mangoes. Take some ice and coconut milk, or really any type of juice will do, and put that in the blender too. Now here's the kicker, 1 Tablespoon of Honey. Then blend together until an even, smooth consistency is achieved.

I can't let this recipe slip my mind. It's a true favorite and goes great with these drinks.
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees...can you see where I'm going with this?
Take 6oz of semisweet chocolate and melt it in a pot with 6oz of butter using the double-boiler technique (google it if you don't know). Now stir until it all melts together and looks a nice even shade of brown. Now in a separate bowl, mix together 3 eggs and 1/2  cup of sugar until it looks white. Now stir this mixture in with the chocolate and then add 1/3 cup of flour. Mix together. Now place this secret mixture into ramekins, you know those little white cup things creme brulee is made in, but make sure that your ramekins are buttered first. And place it in the oven and cook for 10 minutes. To serve, tip ramekins upside down onto a plate and scoop some vanilla ice cream on it. Congratulations, you just made a dessert that would normally go for $10-$20 in a restaurant, the Chocolate Lava Cake.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Okay, now like any other man, I love a well made sandwich sometimes but not everything is always readily available at home which can cause having to go shopping.  Well, if you have canned chunk light tuna, ham/turkey, chicken, cheese, and of course any type of bread, then you can make some damn good sandwiches.

First up is a standard Ham, Turkey, and Cheese panini. Now to the left is the panini press I use at home. It is just the perfect size for two sandwiches. Anyways, you will need any type of bread. In this case I used a nice thick cut white bread with a little butter on it. Then take some ham, any type is good, white meat turkey, and either mozzarella, cheddar, or American cheese. Then take some Grey Poupon or any mustard and spread it on the bread.  Put it on your griddle just long enough until you see that your bread is toasty and your cheese is malting right out of the sandwich. Then eat.

And my personal favorite is the classic Tuna Sandwich, with a twist of course.  Take one can of chunk light tuna in either water or oil, and drain all the liquid out of it.  Make sure the tuna is dry of 80-90% of the liquid it was packed in.  Then mix that with 2-3 Tablespoons of Mayonnaise and 1-2 Tablespoons of Dill Pickle Relish into a bowl. Then add some salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate for at least an hour or overnight if you want. Then toast your bread. Then take your tuna mixture and spread it on one slice of bread, then add some tomato and alfalfa. Then cut diagonally and serve with some BBQ Lay's potato chips. Mmm-mmm.

Now for some Egg Salad sandwich action. Take 2 hard boiled eggs.  Mash them with a fork with 1-2 Tablespoons Mayonnaise.  Then 1 Tablespoon of Relish.  Then mix in salt and pepper to your taste.  Then spread on your bread and add lettuce and tomato to your liking.

These are my favorite sandwich creations and next blog is going to be drinks :D. Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic of course to suit all tastes.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great Ways To Make Ramen Noodles Better.

Being a student myself, I have always seen what most college kids can concoct in their dorms as freshman.  Ramen noodles are the first thing that come to mind, but trust me on this, I have seen how to make plain noodles taste extraordinarily yummy. 

Take your average Top Ramen package of noodles, boil the noodles with a few chopped carrots, celery, potatoes, and a teaspoon or two of shoyu (soy sauce). If you're feeling exotic, mix some bean sprouts in as well, but make sure to mix anything in only after you have poured the flavor packet in.

If you prefer the shrimp flavored noodles, take some small shrimp, which doesn't cost anything more than a couple bucks, and boil them along with the finished noodle product, and pour in some shoyu and eat away.

Now, if you enjoy eating noodles, but want some meat instead of vegetables try this.

Take a package of beef or chicken flavored Ramen noodle and boil the noodles.  After a minute or 2 add some cubed SPAM, but no more than half the size of the can or else the SPAM won't cook properly. Then after the noodles are cooked to your liking add some shoyu and any hot sauce you like. I prefer a couple drops of Tabasco sauce or Sriracha, but you can always use Frank's instead.

If you want me to help you with making any normal packed foods taste better, leave me a suggestion in the comments.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My first blog.

Well, hello everyone. Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I would like to start off by saying I will be writing about how annoying vegetarians are. Simple as that. All Vegetarians...wait let me fix that capitalization error...vegetarians are very malnourished, immature, "my way is best" idiots. If you are a vegan then I do not apologize for what I am about to say next. You all are very irritating. You piss me off to the point where I have to fathom the patience just to breath the same air as you without blasting off on you like a freaking rocket. Well, not all vegans are bad I should say. It's just those snobby ones that will invite you over to your house and even well knowing that her boyfriend is basically a fucking carnivore, but since she's doing the cooking instead of her boyfriend making us some damn steak and making her a damn salad or something, she makes us lettuce wraps with a fucking peanut sauce...peanut sauce. Really? You would, wouldn't you. And yes, this happened to me today. And the submissive asshole of the day award goes to he unnamed boyfriend who is like fucking Bobby Flay on the grill, but is like Richard Simmons when it comes to dealing with his bitchy, immature girlfriend. C'mon man, get it together. Honestly, I had to spit out every bite behind her back (successfully) then after I left, I hit up a frickin' Carl's Jr. and not a single fuck was given that day.